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for the sports enthusiast

Attending internationally recognized sports events with a big group requires time, planning, and expertise and Ecuatours Planet team is equipped with all the knowledge that it demands to make you want to repeat this experience over and over again.


Whether you are planning to attend the World Cup, a Tennis US Open or Miami Open, European or Latin-American Soccer Cups, Super Bowl, PGA Tour, or the Olympic Games with your family, friends, or organization, you can rest assured that all you are going to do is ENJOY! Ecuatours Planet will provide you with airline tickets, accommodations, transportation, event tickets, tours, and dining reservations so you can save all your energy for the big event. 

Sports Travel

for the driven athlete

Do you manage a professional sports team such as gymnastics, basketball, soccer, baseball, football, or cheerleading  or are you planning a sports gathering with friends to go scuba diving, kite surfing, surfing, golfing, hiking, skiing, biking or climbing? Allow Ecuatours Planet to make all the required arrangements for your game, competition or practice so you can focus on improving the skills you need to get that gold medal, trophy, or just show off in front of your friends.


Ecuatours Planet service includes airline tickets, accommodations, transportation, tours, dining reservations and everything in between.

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